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Our practice involves broad legal topics that encompass family law, business law, real estate law, personal injury compensation including maritime law/Jones Act, successions/probate and wills, as well as appeals representation, administrative law, and the formation of legal documents such as powers of attorney and prenuptial agreements.  Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with an attorney who can help you with any of your legal questions.

Louisiana Divorce Lawyers, New Orleans Real Estate Attorneys, Gretna Small Business


In addition to preparation of legal documents for nearly any need, our attorneys practice most areas of civil law.

Other Resources

We make no guarantees as to your ability to obtain free or fee-reduced representation from any of the following:

Tulane Legal Assistance Program

(504) 865-5515

Loyola University Law Clinic

(504) 861-5590

The Pro Bono Project

(504) 581-4043

Louisiana Civil Justice

Legal Advice Hotline

(800) 310-7029

Southeast Louisiana (East Bank)

Legal Services

(504) 529-1000

Southeast Louisiana (West Bank)

Legal Services

(504) 374-0977

Family law includes matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, community property partitions, and pre-nuptial agreements. Our lawyers have extensive experience settling, mitigating, and trying domestic cases. In fact, David Greenberg helped craft Jefferson Parish’s Domestic Rules of Court in 2002-2004 when he served as an active member of the Jefferson Parish Domestic Rules Revision Committee.

The attorneys of Greenberg and LaPeyronnie are experienced and well versed in opening, administering, and closing successions.  They have prepared powers of attorney, living wills, last wills and testaments, and have engaged in hearings and trials of succession and probate proceedings. 

Business owners agree that having an attorney experienced in business law is critical to the success and protection of their investment in their business. Our Attorneys are here to help you with the operation of your business in accordance with the local laws, rules and regulations affecting it.

Administrative laws and rules regulate the licensing of practitioners to do trade or professional business within the state, as well as the hearings by which complaints are made and the penalties such complaints may incur.

Have you been in an accident? Do you have a case? Call us to find out  if you do.  We have extensive experience representing injured persons in court, and we will make sure that you get the best representation possible.

Whether you need to know your rights of ownership and use of real estate, plan for your ownership and use of real estate, defend your rights of ownership and use of real estate, or claim your rights of ownership and use of real estate, the attorneys of Greenberg and LaPeyronnie are ready and able to be your attorneys.

When injured while working on a vessel or oil rig, the law provides special remedies for you because of responsibilities imposed upon you as a seaman. From loose rigging to unseaworthy vessels, your company may have put its interests ahead of your safety.  If you are injured while traveling to or from your job, or while working on a vessel or an oil rig, you should seek our experienced attorneys to work for you.  

Many times insurance companies incorrectly deny coverage for claims. If you need assistance filing an insurance claim, or if an insurance company refuses to honor your claim, come see us.

Maritime Injury & Admiralty Law under the Jones Act
Insurance claims can and will be denied. We work for you, not against you.
Private Property Rights & Commercial Real Estate Laws
Successions & Probate Law, Living Wills and Last Testaments
Administrative Hearings & Appeals Representation
Smart Call: Small Business Owners Who Know Local Small Business Laws.
Never Settle for Less, especially when it comes to Personal Injury Compensation.
Domestic Laws Affecting Families in Louisiana

David Greenberg handled a very lengthy messy Civil matter for me. He kept me informed, focused and showed compassion. He returned every phone call as well, and addressed every new aspect timely. He is well versed in the law and has a good read on people which both were beneficial when dealing with all moving parts of my case. If you are looking for an attorney to see your matter through to the end, I would definitely recommend David Greenberg.

Anne T.

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