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Family Law Attorneys

Our attorneys have extensive local experience.  Case in point, David Greenberg worked for more than two years helping craft Jefferson Parish's Domestic Rules of Court as an active member of its Revision Committee.  He has worked with judges, domestic commissioners and hearing officers, as well as other domestic attorneys to help reform the rules that today govern the operation of domestic courts in Jefferson Parish. 

Greenberg & LaPeyronnie has the ability to handle your case before a mediator, hearing officer, magistrate, or trial judge. They understand that family law issues are particularly sensitive matters which require thorough preparation and creative, flexible solutions. Should negotiations fail, our attorneys are well-suited to bring your case to trial. Their steadfast style is tailored for family law litigation. 

If you have questions about a family law matter, call us today to schedule a consultation. 

Family Law

Family law includes matters such as divorce, child custody, child support and visitation, community property partitions, adoptions, interdictions, and pre-nuptial agreements. The procedure by which such matters are determined varies from state to state.  It is important to find an attorney experienced in the particular laws and local customs applicable to your specific circumstances.


Let parents not bequeath to their children riches, but reverence. 


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