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Denial of
Insurance Claims

Accident claims, life insurance claims, accidental death claims, homeowner liability claims, business premises claims, professional liability claims, or any other type of insurance claim can and will be negotiated against you if you do not have an attorney on your side.

Your claim(s) may even be outright denied. 

Our Attorneys v. Your Insurance Company

The attorneys of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie are more than ready to assist you before, during, or after you file an insurance claim.  Adrian LaPeyronnie spent several years of his career representing insurance companies, and now he is able to represent you from the unique perspective of that experience. 

If you need assistance with, or have any questions about the following, then schedule a consultation today: 

  • Preparing and filing a claim with an insurance company;

  • An insurance company denied your claim;

  • Determining the coverage you are entitled to under your insurance policy;

  • Determining the extent of your insurance claim;

  • Filing lawsuit to enforce insurance coverage under your policy.

Do not speak with or give an interview for an insurance company without first obtaining the advice of our attorneys. 


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