Many times insurance company employees incorrectly deny coverage for accident claims, life insurance claims, accidental death claims, homeowner liability claims, business premises claims, professional liability (malpractice) claims, as well as other types of insurance claims. If you need assistance in preparing and filing your claim with an insurance company, or if the insurance company denies your claim,  the attorneys of Greenberg and LaPeyronnie are exceptionally ready and able to represent you.  If an insurance company refuses to honor your claim or refuses to provide insurance coverage, see us.  

The attorneys of Greenberg and LaPeyronnie have extensive experience in:
  • Determining the insurance coverage you are entitled to under an insurance policy;
  • Determining the extent of your insurance claim;
  • Properly and effectively representing you in the filing of your insurance claim,  and
  • Filing suit to enforce insurance coverage under your insurance policy and to recover on your insurance claim.

If you want to know whether an insurance policy provides you with coverage, or if you need to file an insurance claim:
  • Speak to your attorney first.
  • Do not speak with, or give an interview, to an insurance company without first obtaining advice from your attorney.
Call the attorneys at Greenberg and  LaPeyronnie today for advice about your insurance policy and your insurance claim.    Remember, we work hard and fight smart for our clients.  Smart Matters.