business lawDo you have an attorney who works with you to represent your business?  Business owners agree that having an attorney experienced in business law is critical to the success and protection of their investment in their business.  The attorneys of Greenberg and LaPeyronnie are experienced in handling matters for small businesses.  They are here to help you with the operation of your business in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations affecting it.

Working with You Throughout the Business Cycle

    1.  Consultation regarding what business entity is best for your needs.

    2.   Formation of corporations and corporate bylaws.

    3.   Formation of limited liability companies and operating agreements.
    4.   Formation of partnerships and partnership agreements.

    5.   Selling your business, buyout agreements, and dissolutions.

Employee Issues

    1.   Should you have your employees sign non-competition agreements?  We can prepare one for you.    

    2.    What is the state of the law regarding non-competition agreements?  We can update you on the status of the law and update your non-competition agreement.  

    3.   What happens when an employee leaves your business and tries to take business from you?  You do have ways to prevent this if you take certain precautions, and we know these precautions.

    4.   What is your duty to pay an employee who has left your company but who may owe money to your business?  It is important to know the law, and we know how to handle this.

Operating Your Business
    1.  What are your options when your customer does not pay you?

    2.  What are your options  when you have a disagreement over a contract with a customer or vendor?
    3.  What happens if your business is sued? If  sued, we will review your insurance coverage, seek to obtain coverage for you, and represent you.

    4.  What happens when your business partner unexpectedly dies?
Local New Orleans Based Attorneys with Business Law Experience

It is very important to consult a local attorney who understands Louisiana’s unique legal and business issues. Greenberg and LaPeyronnie can provide you with local, New Orleans based experience from business formation to dissolution and everything in between.

Take advantage of the over 65 years of combined experience of the attorneys of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie and allow us to work for you.  Remember, we work hard and fight smart for our clients. Smart Matters.